Be Careful Who You Tell Secrets To!

3 10 2008

I recently had a bad experience with a secret. No I didn’t spill the beans but someone spilt mine. EWW I’m not sure that’s the right way to word it. I had a secret, told lots of people… because I too am HORRIBLE with keeping secrets. I had told everyone “this is a secret don’t tell a soul.” Yeah….that didn’t work so well.

I can’t be upset though. I know how it is, you tell me something I’m more than likely going to tell 5 more people that day. You’re also at a risk by telling me because I might just say it on the radio too! I don’t mean to give away secrets I’m just honestly horrible at keeping them. When I was little I’d always tell my sister what she was getting for Christmas or her Birthday. I’m still that way… I get friends & family gifts and I want them to know before I give them.

I don’t tend to share my personal life information with very many people but anything Else I have no problem telling the entire world. I think there has got to be some kind of spoiler disease or something. Is there medication for such a thing?? Maybe us spoilers should look into it. Until then, be careful who you tell secrets to!


Check for air fresheners before you assume the smell is you!

22 09 2008

I recently switched shampoos. I’m a big believe in this and won’t explain in this story. Anyway the shampoo that I switched to has a very distinct smell. You know what I’m talking about ladies…all day after the salon you smell that shampoo they used. Or anytime you switch you smell the shampoo with you all day. I wasn’t so sure if I liked it or not but I was trying it. While at work I was noticing the smell seemed REALLY strong. I left the room I was in and did a few things. The second I stepped back into the room I was blown away by the smell. I started to think…”All this from shampoo??!?” I began questioning if I really should continue with this new shampoo. Later in the day the smell was still overbearing. One of my co-workers, Lindsay, came into the room I was in and noticed the smell as well. She said “Wow that new air freshener is really working!” I turned to look where she was pointing and directly behind my head was a hanging air freshener! Guess what it… smells a lot like my shampoo! All this time I thought it was the shampoo and it was the air freshener. I felt really dumb, yet happy to know the shampoo isn’t that overbearing. Check for air fresheners before you assume the smell is you!

used 9/22/09

Leave Chocolate out of reach from the dogs!

22 09 2008

I took a few days off work for a short vacation in Waco, Texas. I was in Waco visiting my sister and brother-in-law and my “niece” their puppy. While there I saw many of the Waco attractions. Visited the Baylor university campus, saw the bears, drove around and saw the town! We also ate at a few Waco restaurants. Saturday night we hit the town…..dinner, site seeing, a few attractions, and then headed back to my sister’s apartment. When we got back their puppy Sophie, was very excited to see us. We noticed a kitchen cabinet was open but didn’t see anything missing. Late that night she was scratching at the door, full of energy, and whining, so my brother-in-law locked the dog up in the kitchen downstairs. I was just in the next room sleeping on the couch and she continued to whine in the kitchen. This is unusual even for a puppy. I even tried to go lay in the kitchen with her but she was CRAZY. Eventually she vomited all over the kitchen floor and I noticed an empty Chocolate Chip bag on the floor. That’s right Sophie at an entire bag of chocolate chips!! She was psychotic for the next 12 hours or so. The dog kept all of us up all night, and was still crazy with energy for most of the next day!! They’ve always said Chocolate is bad for dogs…I wonder if eating almost a pound of it when you’re a 25 pound dog is a good idea… I’m thinking not! Honestly….keep the chocolate out of reach of puppies!

used 9/16/08 – 9/22/08

Check your gas caps

22 09 2008

The other day I felt really dumb.  It was a late night, on my way home from work I stopped to get gas.  While filling up I did what most people do…got upset about the gas prices.  I grabbed my receipt and hopped into the car.  Driving down the road home I noticed a strange noise coming from my car.  What could that be?? What’s wrong with my car now?  I looked in my side mirror and saw my gas cap out hitting the side of my car.  I felt pretty dumb.  Got out and replaced the gas cap.  Always check those gas caps.. they can be tricky!

used (not word for word) 9/9/08 – 9/16/08